Guest Spot on The League Podcast

I was a guest this week on The League Podcast. It was a lot of fun, and a cool discussion.

I did a quick run-down of what we talk about, with some annotations. There will be stuttering. Oh, yes. There will be stuttering!

0:00 – Canadian prog-rock

1:00 – Introductions.

1:18 – I contribute to the conversation by saying, “Yep.” People begin to suspect I sound like a cartoon bear.

1:44 – I speak a bit more, confirming that I sound like a cartoon bear.

2:05 – I get confused!

3:00 – Clockwork talk.

4:44 – I plug Comics Experience, and talk about writing five-page scripts to build your craft

6:20 – I say that I spent around a year writing 40 five-page comics. I double-checked, and it was 37. Sorry!

7:35 – We talk about The Day I Go Home, my story for the Comics Experience intro to writing class. And I talk about why I don’t think it was a success. If you’d like to read it before having it spoiled by the podcast, check it out.

11:40 – Still talking about The Day I Go Home! I spell out Leandro Panganiban’s name instead of pronouncing it, and then talk about why I think the story is a failure (because I am a marketing genius).

14:41 – Our long national nightmare ends, and we start talking about the other stories in the collection.

15:33 – We talk about Cage Around My Heart, with art from Jesse Hamm, and how I slapped Jesse’s robot design on every single thing I do (including the banner at the top of this Web site!)

17:32 –   Matt mentions Volume 2, and I ramble on in a self-conscious manner about why it won’t be coming out for a while.

19:10 – We talk about short comics, and I name-check Monkeybrain Comics, my favorite new publisher.

20:43 – Carpet-bombing the comics industry with Clockwork.

21:20 – My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one-shot for IDW Publishing, and the process of getting it.

22:35 – I talk about Paul McCaffrey, the awesome artist on my TMNT book.

23:38 – How the TMNT project came to be.

25:20 – I gush on about my love of Ninja Turtles, and how the franchise affected my development as a writer.

27:15 – Talking about the turtles as a cultural phenomenon.

31:17 – We talk about the future of my career (specifically the fact that I would really like to have one).

33:30 – We talk about when the book is coming out (September 26!).

34:22 – We talk about breaking into comics, while living in the middle of nowhere.

37:07 – A brief discussion on the universality of the Turtles.

38:24 – How nervous I was to write my Turtles issue.

39:30 – More Comics Experience talk!

40:50 – I get all cryptic about future projects.

42:38 – I talk about the art in Clockwork, and it’s general awesomeness, and name-check some of the artists. Please check out the full list.

I also talk about Ben Dewey’s Tragedy Series.

44:05 – ANOTHER cryptic project! Then more Clockwork talk.

46:08 – I announce my presence at NYCC and Emerald City Comic-Con (with MORE crypticness!).

47:20 – Some talk on Comics Experience’s other classes, including coloring, art and lettering.

And then we call it a day! Hope you enjoy.